Why Is Internal Audit Report Important For Businesses In UAE?

Setting up a business in the UAE is pretty easy, but it requires a lot of courage and stamina to manage everything starting from operations to finances. In this quest, many business owners overlook internal auditing, which may be detrimental at later stages. It is because clients, prospective investors, and customers consider the internal audit report of the company to make a decision for joint ventures with your business company.

Therefore, the business needs to maintain the reports of audits internally for building trust and credibility in the market.  The article is aimed at providing a comprehensive account of information to reveal the significance and scope of the audit report for the business companies in the UAE. Keep reading!

What is an Audit Report?

Before diving into the detail, it is imperative to establish a concept about report generating by internal auditors. Basically, internal auditors write a letter containing all detail of the financial status of a company in accordance with International accounting standards, Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Types of Audit Report

The report is generally issued once an audit is conducted to analyze the financial situation of the company. The internal audit report is important as it includes the detail of management accounts, financial statements, compliance reports, etc. Typically, the audit report consists of a cover page, the scope, and the opinion of the auditor.  The audit report types are as given:

  • The qualified audit report contains the non-pervasive materials misstatements of the financial statements.
  • An unqualified audit report is issued when no substantial misstatements were found during the audit process. Therefore, the report contains the unqualified opinion of the internal auditor.
  • An adverse audit report is issued when the auditors find material misstatements or errors in the financial statements.
  • The disclaimer audit report is generated when financial statements enabled the auditors to get substantial evidence to form an opinion.

Importance of an Internal Audit Report for Companies in UAE

The internal audit is underrated in many organizations. The importance of auditing can be overstated. However, it is imperative to understand that internal audit enables the companies to resolve their financial weaknesses as part of pre-emptive measures. Further, reasons that clarify the significance of reports for internal audits as discussed below:

1.     In-depth overview and detailed insights

First thing first, the internal audits are conducted to understand the overall financial condition of a company. Owing to this, business people prefer getting assistance from top audit firms in Dubai for the review of financial assets in detail. The reports generated at the end of the audits help the companies gain an understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the management of finances.

2.     A clear picture of financial assets

Audit reports clarify everything related to financial statements, which is incredibly helpful in evaluating financial assets owned by a company. In this way, business owners determine the productivity of the company to devise further strategies for growth. Therefore, the reports of internal audits are highly helpful in determining future plans of a company.

3.     Independent perspective from auditors

There is no denying that internal audits are conducted with the objective to get an additional opinion from top audit experts. It enables companies to devise and deploy complacent plans to prevent potential financial risks. Moreover, an independent overview of financial statements helps in detecting and inspecting accounting frauds for improved corporate governance.

4.     Effective decision making based on facts

Numbers play a significant role in determining a roadmap for business companies. It is because people make the decisions of sales, purchase, new projects, and partnerships based on the financial condition of the company. Therefore, businesspeople can ensure effective decision making while keeping the audit reports into considerations to eliminate risks.

5.     Business analysis and compliance review

The report issues after internal audits provide a rigorous analysis of the business operations. Keeping the findings in mind, business owners can improve processes to optimize the operations. In addition, the internal auditors can point out areas of improvement to comply with the taxation laws deployed in the UAE. Primarily, the companies can ensure compliance with Value Added Tax by focusing on the opinion given in the audit report. It will significantly help the company to avoid VAT fines and penalties.

6.     Pro-active and reliable credit rating

Internal audit reports are significantly important for every company operating in the UAE and other parts of the world. It is owing to the reason that if the company is flourishing, the audit reports can help the owners to get a reliable credit rating from the financial institutions and banks. In this way, companies can maintain a positive reputation in the market for financial stability.

7.     Future-focused evaluation of risks

Last but not least, companies seek assistance from one of the top audit firms in Dubai to get advisory solutions for their financial matters. It is owing to reason internal auditors come up with a diversity of experience from the industry, which is quite helpful in risk assessment. Therefore, audit reports are important for businesses operating in the UAE and other parts of the world to improve financial management effectively. Thus, owners adopt a future-oriented plan for business growth and sustainability.

Internal audit reports are essential for business stability!

Summing up, the recommendations made in the internal audit reports help the companies to improve their financial management for the efficiency of corporate governance. Moreover, the companies can also control frauds, improve processes, and ensure compliance with regulations after considering the reports. In this way, audit reports play a pivotal role in the financial stability of a company.

Remember! Risk-based evaluation enables the companies to focus more on effective strategies to grasp opportunities in business. It helps the business people to foresee the complexities related to financial management. So, don’t forget to ensure internal audits regularly for financial analysis, assessment, and evaluation to avoid errors, frauds, and non-compliance of regulations.

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