All You Need to Know About VAT!

A business pays the govt the tax that it collects from the shoppers whereas it should conjointly receive a refund from the govt on the charge that it’s paid to its suppliers.

This article is intended to guide you comprehensively about VAT and terms associated with VAT that’d help you in knowing better about VAT consultancy in Dubai.

VAT Consultancy

What is VAT?

Value Added Tax (VAT) is an Associate in Nursing taxation. Sometimes, it’d be stated as a sort of general consumption tax. In a very country that contains a VAT, it is obligatory on most products and services that are bought and sold.

VAT is one of the foremost common forms of consumption tax found around the world. Over a hundred and fifty countries have enforced VAT (or its equivalent, merchandise, and Services Tax), as well as all twenty-nine Common Market (EU) members, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and Malaya.

Every step of a supply chain has VAT. Final shoppers typically bear the VAT value whereas businesses collect and account for the tax, in a very means acting as an internal revenue agent on behalf of the govt.

Difference between VAT and Sales Tax

Sales tax is additionally a consumption tax, similar to a VAT. For the overall public, there could also be no discernible distinction between, however, the two varieties of taxes work, yet there are some essential variations. In several countries, sales taxes are solely obligatory on transactions involving merchandise. Additionally, excise is just mandatory on the ultimate sale to the patron. This contrasts with VAT that is obligatory on merchandise and services and is charged throughout the availability chain, as well as on the ultimate sale. The VAT is additionally compulsory on imports {of merchandise|of products} and services therefore on make sure that A level taking part in field is maintained for domestic suppliers of these same goods and services.

Many countries like VAT over sales taxes for a variety of reasons. Significantly, VAT is taken into account to be a refined approach to taxation because it makes businesses function as tax collectors on behalf of the govt and cuts down on misreporting and nonpayment.

VAT reclaim

Yes! You heard it right you can claim VAT as well. You probably ‘didn’t know about it, but the UAE federal tax authority legalized tax refund for tourists, on items they have paid VAT. This rule was passed in the leat year and has successfully helped a lot of tourists and non-nationals to get back the money they paid under the name of value-added tax.

You can easily claim your money back while leaving through Dubai International Airport.

This means that anyone who isn’t a resident of the UAE is free to shop without any tax implications.


Having a good insight into VAT implication and refund is certainly going to benefit you and your business. By following VAT implications, you can present proof of being a responsible UAE citizen.

Despite all the provided information, you might want additional guidance about VAT registration and VAT amount for your business. Thus, by taking consultation from the best VAT consultancy in Dubai you can ensure that you are among the loyal taxpayers.

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