Comparison between an Accountant and Auditor

Many businesspeople overlook the role and responsibilities of auditors. It is perhaps the reason that they mix-up it with the job of an accountant. However, it is not right. Although, the accountants and auditors are similar to some extent as they share basic knowledge related to bookkeeping, the scope of their profession is considerably different.

Generally, the process of accounting revolves around day to day financial record management and bookkeeping. On the other hand, the auditors are hired to ensure error-free management of prepared financial records. It simply means that the accountant just records the financial statements while the auditing specialists examine the records to help the companies eliminate flaws in the recorded financial data.

Nevertheless, financial accounts management is the primary requirement to run the business in almost every marketplace. However, many booming economies such as Europe, UAE, USA, and other many countries, the businesspeople are required to maintain their financial matters to go through the process of state audits successfully.

It is the reason that many companies operating in UAE actively acquire the services of top audit firms in Dubai for handling gaps in financial statements. There are many benefits of hiring third-party accounting services because they are neutral and have in-depth industry exposure. Don’t forget to search for local auditing professionals for better assistance in tax assessment.

accountant vs auditor

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